In his homily for the Easter Vigil, the invitation of Msgr. Camisasca to draw from the grace of the Risen Christ every day.

Dear brothers and sisters,

We were not present at the resurrection, but we see the Risen One every day.

The resurrection of Jesus took place during the night and in silence. His mortal body was transformed into a new body, immortal. Invisible, yet, alive, present, capable of entering into relationship with others. Capable of communicating, of speaking, of acting, and, at the same time, untouchable by the usury of time. Capable of loving, or, better, full of love that is no longer pierced by the hate of His enemies, nor any longer consumed and weighed down by the opposition and the sin of men.

To us, something analogous will happen. For Jesus, this event happened thanks to an internal force; for us, in virtue of our baptism, which makes us participants in the graces of Christ.

We too will be resurrected. What’s more: we can say in all truth that, if we die a little every day, every day we will begin to rise again. Every day, our mortal body, our daily life, often opaque and burdensome, can be pierced by the light of the Risen One.

Every day we must learn to distinguish that which passes from that which remains, that which is only apparent from that which is substantial. Every day, life itself teaches us that God exists, that He has a face. Every day, the Church repeats to us: “In Jesus, who died and rose again for you, you see the face of the Father.”

Every day, we are sunk in our sins, but every day we can be forgiven and can, with new and clean garments go again to the presence of God and of the others. It is God Himself who renews us, in virtue of the blood of His Son, through the sacrament of Confession.

In the Eucharist, every day our flesh can be inundated by the blood of immortality. We must not forget that the Eucharist is the body of the Risen Christ. Mysteriously, according to a process that we cannot describe, we feel that, within ourselves, a new man is growing, who often lives with the old man in a difficult cohabitation.

Sometimes, we feel drawn towards good, other times, towards evil. But, we comprehend very well where our true happiness lies.

The same happens to the universe. Wherever man welcomes in himself the seed of the resurrection, a new family is born, a new city, a new way to live, to dwell, to welcome, to carry himself and the others, to hope. Points of light keep at bay the darkness of the night, of sin, of division, of hate.

Baptism, Eucharist, Confession, the Church: they are the different names of a singular reality: the Risen Body of Christ.

But Jesus goes over and beyond the cancellation of our evil: He creates within us a new mentality and a new heart.

Participating in the Resurrection of Jesus means desiring His same gaze and His same thoughts. We drink at the font of His way of thinking through the Sunday Liturgy, through the faith of the Church, asking often for the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We can read the writings and the lives of the saints.

Dear brothers and sisters, the resurrection is a continual initiative of God towards us. We must not place obstacles to His desire to renew us in the profundity of our being, to assimilate us to His immortal life. God is light, Satan is darkness and desperation.

May we allow ourselves to be attracted by the light.


Homily of the Easter Vigil

Cathedral of Reggio Emilia, 31 March 2018

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