• Donato Contuzzi
  • Filippo Pellini

During the years of formation, seminarians of the Fraternity of St. Charles discover the beauty of ordinary life, silence, liturgy, study, and mission. They discover the beauty of a life aimed at conversion to Christ.

The path of the seminary consists of two years of the study of Philosophy and Introduction to the life of the Fraternity of St. Charles. After studying philosophy, the seminarians spend a year in one of the houses abroad to experience what it means to be in mission. After a year abroad, they continue with their formation by studying Theology for three years. At the end of the study of theology, they are ordained and sent to one of the houses.

Daily life is marked by common prayer, moments of silence, and the Mass. Education takes place through internal courses or at the Pontifical Universities in Rome. Afternoons are devoted to personal study and the different tasks that are given: secretary, singing, liturgy, work in the garden, library, etc. Each is also a charitable work: visiting the elderly, children in a hospital, the young people in the juvenile prison, the families of the outskirts of Rome, or help the priests in the education of young people.

Each seminarian is educated to the common life. For this reason, the seminary is divided into “houses” where they grow in discovering the beauty of daily life with others.

  • Ruben Roncolato

The House of Formation in Santiago opened on November 4, 2009, in the district “Ciudad del Este” where the priests of the Fraternity work in the parish Pedro Bonilli of Puente Alto. Housing seminarians from Latin America, South America, and Italy, the seminary in Santiago offers complete education in the life of the Fraternity. In June 2011 the new seminary in Camino El Olivar, in the Las Condes neighborhood, was inaugurated.

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