The word “definitive” always scares us a bit. In front of choices that demand life-long decisions, we often feel alone. Perhaps because we feel as though we have to get all our affairs in order before taking that final step; perhaps we expect that novelties in life come from passing from one thing or one person to another. It is solitude that generates fear and holds us up, preventing our life from taking-off.
I recently participated in the marriage of two friends of mine with whom I grew up. They told me that during the weeks prior, many of their colleagues at work had asked them whether they were ready and truly convinced of the step that they were about to take. Everyone had been struck by their response: certain, genuine and full of gratitude. The “yes” pronounced on their wedding day was neither an isolated event nor a heroic act —none of us would be capable of living up to such a call. God, however, had always thought of my two friends together, and from all of eternity their “yes” rests in his heart. Only this provides the certainty and the lightness of heart necessary to say one’s own “yes”, because it rests wholly on the “yes” of Another, and is sustained by the stable string of “yes-es” of his Church.
The beauty of life lies in deciding for the mysterious ideal hidden within it. I am filled with awe at the thought of Peter’s leap, with which he dove into the waters of the Lake of Tiberias —right at the moment when he found out that it was the Lord who was waiting for him on the shore. Life is a great mystery to be lived, that calls us, and to which we have to reply. It is Jesus, sitting on the shore, who invites us to sit close to him in order to savour the roasted fish which he has prepared. Because of this, we should not be afraid. Our name has always been thought of, loved and awaited. The beauty of life lies in deciding for Him who continues to wait for us on the shores of the lake to respond to the gift which has been given us. After being called by the Lord, Peter decided to set everything else aside, and he dove in. Just like my two friends did.

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