“The Fraternity was born from the passion that Giussani introduced in my life and in some my brothers. It is a fruit of the seed that was sown in us. It lives of his charism, desiring to communicate the missionary passion in accordance with the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation.”

With these words, Massimo Camisasca, founder of the Fraternity of St. Charles, summarizes the link that since the beginning has connected the Fraternity to the charism of Luigi Giussani. Even today, young men who ask to enter the Fraternity have encountered the charism of Communion and Liberation and, through an intentional belonging to this reality, allowed their desire to serve the Church in the form of priestly life to mature.

The lives of the members of the Fraternity have been deeply marked by the encounter with Giussani or others who were part of the same charism. The life of the Fraternity itself is nourished by his teaching. “Communion,” “virginity,” and “silence” are some of the words that describe the experience encountered through Giussani and that today constitute the backbone of the life of the Fraternity.

The Church has recognized the Fraternity and has invited it to proclaim the Gospel to the ends of the earth according to the particular grace of Communion and Liberation. Because every charism recognized by the Church is not part of Christianity but a reflection of its totality, the Fraternity desires to remain faithful to the charism that gives it life. Only in this way can the Fraternity respond to the Holy Spirit’s mandate.

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