Bishop Camisasca’s letter addressed to the ordinandi of the Fraternity of St. Charles.

Beloved brothers,

On this day, in which Christ is seizing your lives in order to incorporate them into His own through this gesture of eternal embrace, I am with you in affection, with my prayers and blessings.

Through your ordination, you will begin to enter into the dialogue between Jesus and the Father. You become the sheep, but, at the same time, you become shepherds. In order to be shepherds, we need to be sheep, that is, we need to lend our ears to the voice of Christ. Such attentive listening means that we have to be open to His work of re-creation in us, day after day, through the Word of God who is Christ himself. In this way, we will be continuously guided to Him by the communion of our brothers who are Christ’s gifts for us.

Today you will receive from Jesus His life, and no one will be able to take it away. May God the Father, through the power of His Spirit and through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, transform your hearts to be meek and humble as a reflection of the Son’s heart.

With my blessings,

+ Most Rev. Massimo Camisasca

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