With song it’s possible to experience the beauty of communion and the joy of mission.

Song has always accompanied me. It’s the way that I’ve been able to best express myself since I was a little girl. Singing gave me peace and helped me feel more myself.
When I encountered the movement, I met some friends that often got together in the evening to sing together. It was my first experience of song as expression of a community. Singing allowed us to manifest the joy and gratitude of being together; it was the expression of our friendship.
With time, remaining faithful to that friendship allowed me to deepen my relationship with the One who generated it. Song, therefore, became a way to communicate with the greatest Friend that brought all of us together. The words of our songs become a prayer of praise and thanksgiving: “I thank you Lord because one day you were far from me, now you have returned and have taken hold of me”.They became decision to follow him: “I abandoned every fear, every doubt because I feel a great joy in my heart, when I think about how great is my Lord”.
This year I was entrusted the charitable work “Stars of Saint Laurence”. With two sisters and a group of adults and students, I spend every Saturday afternoon with the kids of a parish in the center of Rome. At first, I strained myself trying to explain the episodes of Jesus’ life predominantly with words; then I intuited that song could be a privileged instrument for communicating the faith. In this way I discovered the missionary aspect of singing. I started intoning songs and moving my hands, like Fr. Giussani at the first mass of the movement, and the kids started following me. It’s beautiful to hear their voices sing during mass words that maybe they don’t yet fully understand but surely remain imprinted in their memory. Their moms often tell me: “at home they love singing the songs that they learn here at the Stars of Saint Laurence!” Just like how for me singing together is the experience that makes me feel at home, for the kids it can be an experience of real communion and of sharing their most profound desires.  And what desire is more profound than to live the joy of the angels and saints singing without end in the Father’s house?

(In the photo: the choir during the mass of the priestly ordinations of the Fraternity of St. Charles)

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