Every day we witness many miracles, that are the smile with which God accompanies us.

Every day we witness many miracles, that are the smile with which God accompanies us.

I’m at school and I’m correcting the science my first grade students’ homework. I come across Eunice’s (name changed). It’s written very well, with two drawings full of details. I begin to read it: there’s not even one correct answer. I smile. I know that Eunice gave it her all, that she wanted to do something well but she still has trouble reading, maybe she didn’t understand what she was supposed to do. I call her up to my desk, read the questions to her and she responds correctly to all of them. I call her mom to tell her what happened and advise her to help Eunice with her homework. She thanks me and assures me of her help.

Eunice is an orphan. The mom that I called is actually a relative that took in her in when no one else wanted her. Having two other children in our schools, she decided to register Eunice as well.

In a recent article in the Corriere della Sera (Italian newspaper), the pope emiritus Benedict wrote: “Among the great and fundamental tasks of our announcement is, within our limited possibilities, to create spaces of life for the faith, and especially to find them and recognize them”. Every morning I go to school with this desire in my heart: that my work, the lessons, the dialogues with people that I meet be oriented towards building a place of hope, where it’s possible to face life together, with its joys and its drama. A place where I can recognize the Lord at work in my life. Not one day passes in which I don’t witness small miracles of hope: the woman who took in Eunice and who loves her as if she were her own daughter; the teachers that accept to work together, to let themselves be corrected, to risk themselves with the kids, dialoging with them instead of imposing themselves with violence, like normally happens in Kenya; parents that look for help and advice…

Every so often I think about Eunice’s homework. We also often have a great desire in us to do good. But we don’t always know how to read the signs in our story. I imagine that God smiles, seeing us occupied with our feeble attempts, and that every day He sends someone that helps us read what happens to us. We have to choice to listen, trust, and follow.

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