The letter from Fr. Julián Carrón addressed to the ordinandi of the Fraternity of St. Charles.

Milan, June 25, 2020

To Deacon Riccardo Aletti, Deacon Nicola Robotti, Deacon Pietro Paiusco, Deacon Andrea Sidoti, Deacon Javier Rosales and Stefano Zamagni, Francesco Babbi, Tommaso Badiani, Stefano Peruzzo, Simone Valentini.


Dear friends,

I would like to express, on my behalf and on behalf of everyone in Communion and Liberation, our congratulations on your priestly or diaconal ordinations, sharing with you, your superiors, confreres, relatives and friends in joy and gratitude to the Lord.

The fact that your ordinations took place or will take place at different times and places, due to circumstances linked to the pandemic, helps us to look with greater attention at the deep reasons for the unity of the Fraternity of St. Charles with the experience of the Movement that springs forth from the charism of Fr. Giussani, which you seek to spread in the world through your priestly ministry and community life.

I hope that, in every day of your ministry, the wonder and fascination for your first encounter with Christ contemporaneous might be renewed and, through your obedience to your Superiors, bring forth the abundant fruit of a true humanity, in the tireless and faithful comparison with the guided companionship of the Movement, where the Lord has called to give your life.

Grateful once again for your “Yes,” I embrace you, one by one, asking the grace of your blessing for me and all our friends in Communion and Liberation.

Fr. Julián Carrón



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