Pilgrimage for Anas

On Saturday, January 27, the parish of St. Charles at Ca’ Granda (Milan) organized a pilgrimage in memory of Fr. Antonio Anastasio, called by all “Anas”. The day began with Holy Mass celebrated at the cemetery of Bruzzano, where our brother and friend was laid to rest, and continued with the visit to the tomb of Fr. Luigi Giussani at the Monumental Cemetery and to the Basilica of St. Ambrose. The pilgrimage concluded with the arrival in the Duomo.

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Mass of St. Charles

As is tradition, on Sunday, December 17, close to Christmas, the Fraternity of St. Charles invited friends and benefactors to celebrate together with a Mass in the parish of St. Charles at Ca’ Grande. Besides the opportunity to celebrate with one another, the occasion was marked by a witness of Fr. Paolo Sottopietra, superior general […]

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Pilgrimage to Lo Vásquez

On Saturday, November 18, the priests of the Fraternity of St. Charles who are on mission in Puente Alto (Santiago, Chile), accompanied the local community of Communion and Liberation on a pilgrimage to the sanctuary of the Virgin of Lo Vásquez. Photo by Josè Miguel Torres Garzon.

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On the Roman Beltway

Mysterious things can happen to a German engineering student in Roman traffic: the story of Andreas Scholz, from Monaco in Baviera, a missionary in Milan.

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