• Javier De Haro
  • Aldo Trento
  • Franco Cinello
  • Patricio Hacin


The House of the Fraternity in Paraguay is located within the parish of San Rafael, on the periphery of Asunción. The life of the Fraternity there is reminiscent of “reducciones,” citadels built by Jesuit missionaries. The terminally ill are cared for with love in “Casa Divina Providencia” and the poor are assisted in the “Centro de ayuda a la vida.” These works were created by Fr. Aldo Trento who has been in Paraguay since 1989 when Fr. Luigi Giussani sent him there on mission. On July 11, 2015, during his pastoral visit in Paraguay, Pope Francis visited the parish of San Rafael where he blessed the new clinic and greeted the sick.

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