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  • Georg Del Valle
  • Davide Matteini
  • Riccardo Aletti
  • Nicola Robotti
  • Romano Christen
  • Unità pastorale di Kreuz Köln-Nord
  • Regenboldstr. 4 50765 Koln
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The presence of St. Charles was born in Germany in 1992 by the request of Bishop Saier, then bishop of Freiburg. Fr. Romano Christen was the first priest to be sent to Germany. In 1994 the Fraternity was given a parish in the city of Emmendingen. In 2009, accepting the invitation of Cardinal Meisner, the Fraternity moved to Cologne where they were entrusted with the pastoral unit of Kreuz Köln-Nord and chaplaincies of high schools St. Ursula Gymnasium and Realschule Elisabeth von Thüringen Brühl. In the summer of 2015, the new Archbishop, Cardinal Woelki, asked Fr. Roman Christen to be the rector of the Diocesan Seminary, the Albertinum College, located in the nearby city of Bonn.

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