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The presence of the Fraternity of St. Charles in the state of Massachussetts begins in the year of 1994, when fr. Michael Carvill, fr. Vincent Nagle and fr. Antonio Lopez arrive at Fall River. Mons. Sean  O’Malley, presently cardinal in Boston, received them, thanks to his friendship with fr. Lorenzo Albacete.

The stable presence of priests of the Fraternity in the United States is destined to change along the years. Firstly, they move to the city of Attelboro, within the Fall River diocese. In 2002, fr. Antonio Lopez gives birth to a new house in Washington, DC, while new seminarians and priests arrive at Boston to study and teach. Once and for all, a house is permanently constituted in the bay city, capital fo the state of Massachussetts, in 2006.

Today, four missionaries work in the house of Boston: fr. Luca Brancolini, who started his mission in Fall River and, after some years in Montreal, Canada, returned to the United States in 2009, fr. Paolo Cumin, who left the mission in Taiwan in 2012, fr. Michele Benetti, who arrived in 2017 and fr. Luis Miguel Hernández, arrived in 2020.

These priests are in charge of the Sacred Heart parish in East Boston. Fr. Luca Brancolini and fr. Michele Benetti also teach in two High Schools, entitled respectively to Newman, in Back Boston, and to Bishop Fenwick, in the city of Peabody. Besides, since the summer of 2008, the Fraternity is in charge of the pastoral care of the Shrine of Our Lady of Bon Voyage, in the heart of Seaport district, an important financial and artistic city pole.

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