• Luca Speziale
  • Raffaele Cossa
  • Marco Vignolo
  • Andrew Lee

The presence of the Fraternity of St. Charles in England began in 2013, when the bishop of Portsmouth, Monsignor Philip Egan, asked Father José Claveria to care for the parish of St. Edmund Campion in Maidenhead, a city not far west of London.

In September of 2018, the parish district of Saint Swithun Wells was entrusted to the Fraternity of St. Charles. The parish is comprised of six churches located in the countryside between Southampton and Winchester. With its 145,000 inhabitants, around 1,000 of which attend Sunday mass regularly, the parish is the largest of the diocese. The priests currently live in the rectory of Eastleigh, one of the six cities in the parish district, surrounded by shops, restaurants, a mall, and a big, grassy area where many social events are held. The historic little cities Romsey and Chandler’s Ford, populated mostly by wealthy families, are also part of the parish district.  A location this heterogenous offers the possibility for our mission to reach people of diverse ages, cultures, religions, nationalities, and walks of life. A catholic elementary school, with which the priests of the Fraternity collaborate, also resides in the parish district.

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