• Giampiero Caruso
  • ul. Malaya Gruzinskaya d. 27 b. 2, 123557, Mosca

The Fraternity of St. Charles began its mission in Russia in 1991, in Novosibirsk. Among the priests sent by the Fraternity, was Fr. Paolo Pezzi who assumed, besides the responsibility of the movement Communion and Liberation, the chaplaincy of Italians in Moscow and a teaching position in the Catholic seminary in St. Petersburg (2004), of which he was rector until 2006. In 2008, he was elected by Benedict XVI as the Archbishop of the Mother of God in Moscow. The Fraternity in Moscow, where Catholics are a minority, involves the pastoral care of the communities of the Latin rite, Russian and Italian. The relationship with the Eastern Church, embodied in friendship with its priests and the faithful, is an integral part of the mission.

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