• Valerio Valeri
  • Alfonso Poppi
  • Giuliano Imbasciati
  • Luca Montini
  • Mattia Zuliani
  • Domenico Mongiello
  • Daniele Bonanni
  • St. Joseph
  • St. Joseph’s Catholic Church Kahawa Sukari Nairobi
  • +254 20 24 03 874

The Fraternity arrived in Nairobi in 1993 to respond to the request of a Cardinal of having a teacher in the diocesan seminary and to support the movement. In 1997, the Fraternity was entrusted with the St. Joseph Catholic Church. The parish covers 20 square kilometers and includes two areas different from each other: Kahawa Sukari, an affluent area of ​​the city and Kahawa Wendani, a very poor suburb. Upon arrival of the priests, the church was a small chapel. In 2001 they began building a bigger church and from then on began building other works such as an elementary school and a high school. There are two charitable works: the Meeting Point, dedicated to AIDS patients, and the Ujiachilie, for children with disabilities. In 2012, the Missionary Sisters joined the Fraternity in Nairobi.

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