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San Bernardo is a town in Santiago. Entrusted to the Fraternity is the parish Divino Maestro which has four chapels, each with its own community: Maria de los Angeles, Divina Providencia, Cristo Rey, NS Lourdes. On the road that cuts vertically the area south of the capital, there is the shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Victory, the parish church and, in between, the house of the priests of St. Charles. The decision to open a house of the Fraternity came about by the invitation of the local bishop, Juan Ignacio González Errázuriz. Among the most significant of the mission is the chaplaincy of Edudown, a non-profit organization that supports families with children and young people suffering from Down syndrome.

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  • Maestro Palomo 0486 Puente Alto, Región Metropolitana Santiago de Chile
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The parish Blessed Pedro Bonilli was entrusted in 2006 to the Fraternity by then Bishop of Santiago, Cardinal Francisco Javier Errazuriz. In a neighborhood full of children, the mission is characterized by educational initiatives: catechesis for first communion, which involves not only the children but also the parents, and family vacations. The priests are also involved in teaching and accompanying university students.

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The House of Formation in Santiago opened on November 4, 2009, in the district “Ciudad del Este” where the priests of the Fraternity work in the parish Pedro Bonilli of Puente Alto. Housing seminarians from Latin America, South America, and Italy, the seminary in Santiago offers complete education in the life of the Fraternity. In June 2011 the new seminary in Camino El Olivar, in the Las Condes neighborhood, was inaugurated.

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