• Antonio Acevedo
  • Emanuele Angiola
  • Paolo Costa
  • Simone Valentini
  • S. Francesco Saverio (Tai Shan), S. Paolo (Xin Zhuang)
  • 22 Futai St., Taishan District [243] New Taipei City
  • +886 22 90 95 994
  • Website

A house was opened in Taipei in September 2001 upon the invitation of Archbishop Ti Kang. A year later, the mission moved near Fu Jen University. In 2005, Bishop Zhen Zaifa gave the Fraternity the parish of St. Francis Xavier in the district of Tai Shan. In 2008, Bishop Hong Shan Chuan also gave the priests of the Fraternity the responsibility of the parish of St. Paul in Xin Zhuang. The opening of a house in Taiwan, where Catholics comprise only 1% of the population, is the rediscovery of the ideal that generated the Fraternity: the proclamation of Christ to those who do not yet know him.



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