ROME | 2 July 2022

On Saturday July 2nd, in the Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls in Rome, H.E. Massimo Camisasca, Bishop Emeritus of Reggio Emilia-Guastalla, ordained 3 new priests of the Fraternity of St. Charles:

Dennis Bensiek, 31, from Cologne, Germany. After ordination, he will live in the house in Torino as associate pastor of Santa Giulia.

Filippo Pellini, 31, from Milan. He will take up the post of vice-rector at the House of Formation, in Rome.

Gabriele Saccani, 28, from Trent, will be associate pastor of Maria Immaculada, in Mexico City.
In the same celebration, 7 deacons were ordained:

Daniele Bonanni, 32, from Milan, destined for Nairobi, Kenya
Luca De Chiara, 38, from Turin, will live in Luino, province of Varese
Giorgio Ghigo, 29, from Cuneo, destined for Vienna, Austria.
Giacomo Landoni, 32, from Milan, will live in the in general chapter house in Rome
Andrew Lee, 29, Korean-Canadian, destined for Eastleigh, UK
Andreas Scholz, 29, from Munich, will continue theological studies in Milan
Philip Stokman, 28, from Minnesota, USA, will live in the house in the Magliana in Rome

Here are some images from the Eucharistic celebration and the party.

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