“Young Priest” Retreat

As is usual, the recently ordained priests of the Fraternity of St. Charles gathered at Varigotti for a week of prayer, encounter and dialogue. From the 30th of January to the 6th of February, around thirty missionaries exchanged experiences and testimony from five different continents. To enrich their reflection, a few different guests spoke on different topics, particularly Carlo Arrigone, Lorenzo Bassani, Fr. Francesco Ferrari and Mother Monica Della Volpe.

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The night of Easter

On the occasion of Holy Week, we propose a mediation by Msgr. Massimo Camisasca on the Easter Vigil.

  • Massimo Camisasca
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Many events, a single path

In Colombia, university students share life in order to know and follow Him who gives life meaning.

  • Carlo Zardin
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The gratuity that I learn

From a Spain extremely secularized, the story of a priest on mission among university students

  • Tommaso Pedroli