The Priestly Fraternity of the Missionaries of St. Charles Borromeo is a Society of Apostolic Life founded by Fr. Massimo Camisasca in 1985. Today it is present in seventeen countries in the world and has about 130 definitive members and 35 seminarians.
The pillars on which the Fraternity of St. Charles is based are expressed by its very name: Fraternity, Priestly, and Missionary.

The priests live together in houses of three or more. The communion that they live does not simply support them in their daily work on mission, but it is the path of conversion and holiness.

“The Fraternity is a companionship formed by people who are put together by Another, and by the merciful gesture of Another that reaches their lives. It is a potent sign of the mercy of God. Each is welcomed and constantly accompanied by Christ through his brothers. Thus the Fraternity is the place that, through our conversion, renders the memory of Christ simpler and continuous.

Responding to their priestly vocation, the members of the Fraternity desire to bring Christ to the world above all through the witness of a life changed by the encounter with Him. They are also called to accompany each person, sharing his hardships, joys, and questions. They are to be an instrument of God’s mercy through the celebration of the sacraments and the proclamation of His Word.

To live this task more profoundly, each priest’s day is centered around silence, prayer, and daily Mass.

“The priestly vocation is one of the highest and most beautiful callings. It thrives on a constant communion with God and with people. Naturally, as with all vocations, one can be prone to fatigue, routine, scandal, and human weakness. If properly sustained and helped, the priesthood can constitute a bridge between heaven and earth, representing an important bond in the history of holiness, and also play a pivotal role in the journey towards the unity of men.”

Those who enter the Fraternity are available to be sent where the Church needs them. According to the bishop in the diocese where they are located, they give their service to parishes, schools, prisons, and hospitals.

“Mission is not our invention or the expression of our particular talents or passions, although it can be nourished by all of the gifts God has given us. Mission consists simply in entering inside the same mission for which God sent His Only Son to the world and for which the Son sent his apostles until the visible echo of that event touched us.”

* The citations are from the Direttorio of the Fraternity of St. Charles.

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