Temporary incorporations

On Saturday, October 21st, in the chapel of the House of Formation in Rome, five seminarians took part in the Rite of Temporary Incorporation in the Fraternity of St. Charles. The new temporary members are: Garrett Behr, Andrea Civita, Gianpaolo Gontero, Paolo Maurina, and Tiago Lucio.

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A task thought up just for me

Encountering the students of a French school allows for the reexamination of one’s own history. A reflection from Grenoble.

  • Suor Chiara Tanzi
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The Passion Evenings

In the House of Formation, a series of evening encounters aimed at sharing the passions of each person and opening a window on the world. The account of a seminarian

  • Matthew Conte
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Anniversary of the foundation

On Saturday, September 16, we celebrated the 38th anniversary of the foundation of the St. Charles Fraternity, and the 18th anniversary of the Missionary Sisters of St. Charles. The party took place at our parish, Santa Maria del Rosario, in the Magliana neighborhood on the outskirts of Rome. The event began with witnesses from Santiago, […]

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